Training Plans

In my opinion, being fit and maintaining fitness throughout your life is one of the most important things you can do for YOU. The fitter we are, the more we can achieve and the less likely we are to become injured or fatigued. Fitness breaths energy & energy breaths success and achievement.

My strength is to work with people to encourage, motivate and excite them to exercise. I enjoy taking people out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals regardless of whether their goals are for competitive sport or general lifestyle fitness, weight-loss or change. My philosophy on exercise is that it should be enjoyable, release stress and provide escapism from day to day life as opposed to being a chore or obstacle. I can help to break down those obstacles in the way of allowing you to achieve your goals.

Private Training

Bespoke Personal Training Sessions for 1-1 focus, initial consultation to establish your current fitness level & lifestyle to then create a personal fitness plan for you to enjoy. 1-1 Personal Training covers the following:-

  • One to one 1-hour personal training sessions (ideally 10 sessions to get you started, 2 sessions per week at least)
  • Training sessions varied; outdoor & indoor training sessions
  • Home PT available on request subject to there being enough space to train. This could ideally suit new mothers/NCT Groups etc
  • Reduce body fat and create muscle and definition
  • Work on Core strength
  • Work on agility and balance
  • Fitness mentoring, both physical and mental
  • Guidance and advice on all aspects of Fitness Training
  • Healthy eating plans and nutritional advice
  • Balanced knowledge of pilates, yoga, strength training & Core to provide advice across all aspects of fitness training
  • Increase existing fitness to exceed your training goals

Small Group Training

Small Group Training can be fun, Exercise doesn’t need to be a burden. Grab a friend/s or family members & agree to get fit together & encourage each other. Small group training can cover ideally up to 5 people. Training venues vary subject to your individual requirements, indoor and outdoor training available.

  • HIIT (Interval Training)
  • Spinning/Indoor cycling
  • Body Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Core Strength
  • Bootcamps, outdoor & Indoor
  • Outdoor Running; beginner groups and intermediate
  • TRX (Training system to work the Core using your own body weight)
  • Weightloss Groups; Measurements/weigh-in’s & weekly check-in’s with exercise
  • Mummy & Baby Groups – Get back in shape after childbirth, bring them with you! Or small groups at home to make getting back in to shape easier in the early days
  • Yoga

Exercise Classes

I teach various classes at Rush Trampoline Park, High Wycombe (class details & timetable below). These classes are as follows:-

  • Trampoline Exercise classes
  • HIIT, Bootcamps, Body Conditioning and Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Spin Classes; Performance & Tabata Training

To enquire about any of the above services, please drop me a line via my Contact Form or via the following address:

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