My Views on Fitness

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In my opinion, being fit and maintaining fitness throughout your life is one of the most important things you can do for YOU. The fitter we are, the more we can achieve and the less likely we are to become injured or fatigued. Fitness breaths energy & energy breaths success and achievement.

My strength is to work with people to encourage, motivate and excite them to exercise. I enjoy taking people out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals regardless of whether their goals are for competitive sport or general lifestyle fitness, weightloss or change. My philosophy on exercise is that it should be enjoyable, release stress and provide escapism from day to day life as opposed to being a chore or obstacle. I can help to break down those obstacles in the way of allowing you to achieve your goals.

I love the psycology of training and thrive on taking a client from being inactive to active, whilst watching their relationship with fitness change from negative to positive. On the other side of the coin, I love to train already enthusiastic fitness clients to train outside of their comfort zones, increase fitness levels and challenge themselves.

I enjoy seeking out bespoke training regimes for individuals dependant upon their personal circumstances, lifestyle & goals.

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